USDA organic beet turmeric celery cucumber juice

USDA Certified Organic

Cold Pressed Juices & Wellness Shots

Over two pounds of fresh organic fruits & vegetables cold pressed into each 10 oz. bottle. Nothing else.

nutrition supplements and energy drinks

Beloved by hundreds of elite athletes

Favored by over 50 Pro Sports Teams

Train like the pros. Lumi's juices & wellness shots are part of the everyday training and nutrition routines for teams in the MLB, NBA, NFL & NHL for energy, strength & recovery.

USDA organic beet turmeric celery cucumber juice

Cold Pressed & High Pressure Processed

Juices that last for over 30 days

Our juices have a turbocharged shelf life. We use water pressure to eliminate bacteria that causes most raw juices to spoil in just three days.

Our pro athlete favorite

Gold Rush Shot

For energy & immunity. Ingredients: Wild Turmeric, Organic Pear, Organic Ginger, Organic Lemon, Organic Cayenne Pepper.

Let's Make You Feel Good

With cold pressed juices and nutrition shots made from fresh certified organic fruits and vegetables. Nothing else. No added sugars. No preservatives. Never frozen. And never from concentrate. 

It’s why over 50 professional sports teams buy Lumi’s juices and shots for their athletes.

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We ship our juices cold, with ice packs, in insulated boxes via UPS. While they are best consumed cold, our juices are completely safe to drink if they arrive warm because of the low pH levels and High Pressure Processing (HPP). Just refrigerate them upon arrival and serve chilled. 

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