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All Hail the Cucumber—The Skin's Best Friend!

Summer adventures call for clear skin! Keep yours under control during the hot, sweaty months with a classic member of the gourd family—cucumber! Cucumber contains vitamins A and C, caffeic acid, and a whole lot of water: In fact, the vegetable is 90% H2O. These properties lend themselves perfectly to soothe dry, inflamed skin and keep your entire body running smoothly.

As a drink, cucumber juice acts as your body’s reset button, flushing out impurities that would otherwise cause acne. Caffeic acid prevents water retention, which helps alleviate bloating and keeps your skin nice and hydrated. 

Cucumber can be used externally to treat symptoms of sunburns, acne, and other dreaded blemishes. Place slices of the vegetable on affected areas for 10-15 minutes, and let the mighty cuke do its work! Cucumber’s high water content acts as a coolant for red, angry skin, contracting blood vessels to reduce puffiness. Pure cucumber juice can also be used as an all-natural face wash, serving as a cleanser, moisturizer, and toner all in one. Antioxidants in the cucumber combat free radicals that disrupt collagen production, which we all need to stay looking young.

Whether ingested or applied externally, cucumber works wonders for the skin. Get your serving of liquid cucumber in our Belmont Beet, Piedmont Pineapple, Farmhouse Greens, and Jump Shot juices!

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