Join The Team at Lumi Juice!

Do you love organic cold-pressed juice? Relate to our founders mission? Want to be a part of something that is changing people's lives every day from top professional athletes to a mother of three? Well, if you answered yes to these questions then you are a great candidate for joining the Lumi Team. The following are the areas we are currently looking to hire for our growing team.



Regional Field Marketing Reps: Philly // Pitt // DC // VA
Team Love Sampling & Merchandising Squad

Statement: Lumi seeks energetic, self-starters with initiative, drive and accountability to be a part of Lumi’s Team Love.

Team Love Sampling & Merchandising Squad: Proactively manage store inventory and build relationships with buyers and consumers to increase in store sales. Lumi Juice tasters and merchandisers will work with Lumi’s regional sales representatives to establish a store demo schedule, proactively manage and build relationships with buyers, establish innovative ways to connect Lumi with consumers through sales avenues and participate in marketing events.

1. Visit existing accounts to count inventory on the shelf and in back stock.
2. Stock the shelves and ensure shelf presence.
3. Manage the shelf and fill in gaps where Grocery Buyers fall behind.
4. Set up in-store demos and event opportunities to sample Lumi to encourage purchases.
5. File reports and all paper work daily after each store visit or event.

Background: Lumi Juice plays in a highly competitive beverage arena fighting for shelf space against well established brands backed by Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Starbucks. Suja, BluePrint and Evolution Fresh are the well-funded competitors in the marketplace. These companies rely on national distributors to distribute their product. Lumi takes a different approach, Lumi proactively manages store inventory to establish personal relationships with buyers and knowledge of each store. This allows us to better promote our product and make Lumi the number one player in the cold-pressed marketplace.

Job Type: Part-Time to Full-Time // Pay Hourly with Bonuses

If you are interested in this role please email - thank you.


Production Employee: Malvern, PA
Juice Production to Fulfillment

Statement: Would you like to see Lumi Juice on a grocery store shelf or in the hands of a pro-athlete and be able to say "I made that!"? We are looking for individuals to come join our production team and learn every step of the Lumi process, from prepping fresh, organic produce, to using our industrial juicers, to preparing the packaging, to cleaning the production area and packing orders – we need hands-on, dedicated personnel.

Responsibilities: Production employees organize raw produce, wash produce, and prepare produce for juicers. Employees rotate between prepping produce for juicing to juicing produce to operating bottle/fill line and packing orders

Required Skills: Reading, basic writing, ability to lift approximately 40 pounds, mobility of hands for chopping and peeling of produce, ability to stand for extended period of time, understanding and ability to learn how to operate basic machinery, and positive attitude. Food service background a plus.

Production space is kept at 40 degrees Fahrenheit – so please wear closed toed shoes and layer accordingly.

Preliminary training with HACCP booklet and Standard Sanitation Operational Procedures before production work. Will work with and report directly to the Operations Manager.

Job Type: Full-Time // Hourly Pay with Bonuses

If you are interested in this role please email - thank you.