All Lumi products are High Pressure Processed (HPP), which uses extreme water pressure, not heat, to eliminate harmful bacteria and to maintain 100% of the nutrients and flavor found in raw juices. Most juices available on the market are heat pasteurized or raw. Heat pasteurization degrades 50 to 60 percent of the juice’s flavor and nutritional value. It also caramelizes the natural fruit sugars, making it more difficult for your body to efficiently digest.

Raw juices only last for three days. Flavor and nutrition starts to degrade within hours. The juices also could potentially have harmful bacteria. Raw juices should not be consumed by pregnant or nursing moms, the elderly or young children.  

HPP creates a turbo charged 50-60 day shelf life which is ideal for pro sports teams, families or anyone who has an on-the-go lifestyle. Plus, we can ship to your door which allows you to save time and money every morning! Who doesn’t need more time? Love U Mean it!