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$ 120.00

Hundreds of professional athletes are experiencing the positive effects of drinking Lumi Juice and wellness shots everyday with amazing results.

So, we put together a custom package featuring the pro athletes most popular flavors that produce specific results to deliver maximize athletic prowess.

7 Day Pack: Get 21 Juices + 7 Wellness Shots 

  • 7 Belmont Beet Juices
  • 7 Wahoo Orange Juices
  • 7 Farmhouse Greens Juices
  • 7 Gold Rush Wellness Shots

14 Day Pack: Get 42 Juices + 14 Wellness Shots 

  • 14 Belmont Beet Juices
  • 14 Wahoo Orange Juices
  • 14 Farmhouse Greens Juices
  • 14 Gold Rush Wellness Shots