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Loving Lumi at Pittsburgh International Airport
I had a really great time with Leigh-Ann and the team from Strip Market at the Pittsburgh International Airport this past Wednesday. This was our first demo for Lumi Juice and I had such a fun day talking with travelers departing and arriving into Pittsburgh.

Local Pittsburgh traveler Amanda shared, "I love to juice in the mornings but my schedule is busy, I simply can't find the time. Lumi Juice makes it easy for me to get 100% of my daily fruits and vegetables in this tiny bottle. I love it!"

It was really interesting to see how people's tastes differ and what they want when they are about to take-off or are just arriving to town. The interest and demand ranged from lovers of grapefruit juice crushing our Morning Sunrise to green juice lovers looking over our nutritional labels for sugar content while enjoying both the Farmhouse Greens and Jump Shot.

The best takeaway for me was the rewarding sensation you get when you see someone take their first sip of Lumi and have an instant smile on their face.

- Brandon Wilson, Greater Area Pittsburgh, PA Sales Rep

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