Are you someone that loves Orange Juice? I mean who doesn’t? The problem is your OJ needs a serious upgrade - Lumi-Style. With over 200% of your daily Vitamin C in one serving and over 4 pounds of fresh squeezed USDA Certified Organic Oranges cold pressed into each 10 oz bottle, you can't find a more pure OJ on the market.

So, why not take the Lumi Upgrade Your OJ Challenge? For Only $19.99, a 20% DISCOUNT OFF Lumi's regular price, you can enjoy the most delicious Orange Juice of your life.

Upgrade Your OJ Offering:
5 = Wahoo Orange (10 oz.)
1 = Wahoo Orange (32 oz.)

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No "promo or coupon codes" can be added to the Upgrade Your OJ Challenge as the offering is already discounted 20% OFF the regular price. Please limit one per customer.