Go Green with Lumi Juice! With this greens' package you receive the full range of our green juices. From the gateway greens like "Piedmont Pineapple" with pineapple and apple and "Big Green" with ginger and pear to a juice chucked full of your daily servings of vitamins with "Farmhouse Greens" to our greenest of the green "Jump Shot" that comes with 200% of your daily Vitamin A, this package is as green as green can be!

  • 30 Days - Receive 30 Juices ($10 Savings + 10% More Savings w/ Subscription)
    • 7 = Jump Shot
    • 7 = Farmhouse Greens
    • 7 = Big Green
    • 7 = Piedmont Pineapple
    • 2 = Extras (based on availability)

*** No "promo or coupon codes" can be added to subscriptions.